Becoming a patient in our practice is ordinarily a result of an invitation by one of our present patients or by direct referral from area professionals who are familiar with our work. Below you will find what some of our patients have had to say about their experience under Dr. Hillis' care:

Finding the root cause

For over 30 years I have seen many types of medical/health professionals for a variety of chronic health conditions/illnesses. Some of them were able to help me with temporary "quick fixes," and a large number of prescription drugs were tried, however the same chronic conditions still remained. Since I began seeing Dr. Hillis three months ago, I am already experiencing improvements in every aspect of my health. I plan to continue working with him to resolve these issues with my health. I would strongly recommend Dr. Dan Hillis, as he uses various methods, techniques and tests to address the "root causes" of illness, instead of treating "symptoms." I am extremely grateful for his help and expertise.

Diane Williams

The benefits of specialized Diagnostic Testing

Dear Dr. Hillis:
I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the help you have given me over the past six months. After battling with a form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome for a year, before I found you, I can definitely see a substantial improvement. On my first visit to your office I have to say that I was very impressed with the extensive medical/patient questionnaire that I was given. It covered a multitude of symptoms and gave me the feeling that I was going to receive the real help that I needed for my condition.

One of the most notable things which helped me is the neurotransmitter therapy. Before I came to see you I was unable to make a rational decision, fearful without knowing why, and my anxiety level was very high even though I was taking the medication Ativan to treat it. Two medical doctors, prior to my seeing you, prescribed anti-depressants for my anxiety also; the first made me have terrible, violent thoughts and the second made my anxiety even worse. On the neurotransmitter therapy I have had no side effects whatsoever and my anxiety is under control, in other words I don't feel it up to here anymore. I would definitely recommend anyone who is on anxiety or anti-depressant medication to try the neurotransmitter therapy. The difference between neurotransmitter therapy and medication is neurotransmitter therapy corrects the chemical imbalances in the brain so it can heal and become well; unlike medication that just suppresses symptoms of chemical imbalance so that a person can function from day to day. With my anxiety under control my IBS has improved dramatically!

Sincerely, K. S. Hart

Dr. Hillis has been the single greatest influence on my well being.

When I first saw Dr. Hillis I had been diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder which created increased pressure in my skull and spinal column. There is no known cause, cure, or even a commonly agreed upon treatment. With this type of disease everything is affected - from daily incurable headaches and back pain to constant dizziness, internal head sounds, loss of balance, and complete peripheral vision loss.

My first visit to Dr. Hillis was incredibly thorough as he went over a stack of medical records with me. Then I heard something I had never heard from any of the specialists I'd seen and it is something I will never forget: he said he won't talk about curing anyone but that he was confident he could get me to start feeling better. To someone exhausted by a series of doctors and expensive tests and prescriptions with no results, that was a glimmer of hope I desperately needed.

Throughout my treatment with Dr. Hillis he has uncovered food allergies, used nutritional supplements to correct my abnormal lab work, and has stabilized my condition to the point where I no longer require any prescription medications.

For me, Dr. Hillis' knowledge and expertise in both Chiropractic manipulations and Functional Medicine have changed my life. Now I feel physically healthy, well, and strong every day. I refer as many people as I can to Dr. Hillis - he is a truly gifted healer and an amazing person.

- Diana F.

Finally Pain-free

I would just like to say "thank-you" for helping me feel better. When I arrived in Florida, in pain, the day before leaving for a cruise, Dr. Hillis was kind enough to see me right away. I have suffered with lower back pain for quite a few years and had been told I needed full spinal surgery. A while back, after years of suffering, and more than a few epidurals, I decided to try chiropractic treatment. It worked!

You were very highly recommended by my chiropractor from up North. He told me that you gave him the best adjustment he has ever had! I feel so much better thanks to your guidance and care. In December when I first came to you in pain, I could not imagine myself walking over two miles a day. Thanks to you, I am doing just that and more importantly, I am doing it without pain.

Sincerely, Cathey G.

Whole Body Therapy

I have been going to a chiropractor since I was a little girl and I have seen a lot of change in the practice over the decades. But, the reason I tell all my friends about Dr. Hillis is he is committed to the whole body. When my mother drove me over I told her that if this didn't relieve my pain in my neck and head, she needed to take me straight to the hospital. Dr. Hillis worked on me using comprehensive muscle testing and kinesiology. When I left I felt much better but suspected the pain might creep back. And it hasn't!

- L. Selfon

Treatment, not Medication

After more than 2 years of severe pain and chronic fatigue, seeing specialist after specialist, then finally being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, the doctors masked my pain and symptoms with medications, but could not treat it. Dr. Hillis has helped me. I can walk and move more freely with fewer medications.

- B. Summers, Pharmacy Tech

Real Help for Complex Cases

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for twelve to fourteen years. It has come to the point in my life at times that I would have rather really not live just to go on suffering the pain. I tried every form of help that was suggested and fell for tricks, nothing helped. I have seen a number of medical doctors. I have tried injections. I have tried narcotics. I have tried therapies, physical therapies, exercises. I have tried everything. I started seeing you in November or December and it is now March. I would say I am 85% to 89% better overall, I don't have much pain at all anymore. Unbelievable, and it is for real. I would certainly encourage other people to see somebody who does this kind of work because I would not have believed this. I would not have believed it unless I just came myself. I am just so amazed at what you have done for me. I feel so grateful for what you have done because to live with that pain is just something I did not think would ever happen to me.

We just got set up with a medical doctor here in Naples and he wanted to get my history. I told him I had suffered with Fibromyalgia for a long time but I said I am not here for any of those problems today. I am just here to get set up with a family physician and he said "honey if you got somebody that is helping you with the fibromyalgia and the pain issue stick with them because we do not know what to do with it".

I had said in the beginning of treatment that if you can give me some relief of this pain that I would never go back home. We now have a new Florida residence!

- L. Perkins, Homemaker

Real help for Migraine Suffers

I was suffering from chronic migraine headaches, the kind where you want to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night. I was impressed by the thorough examination I received - more complete than any neurological exam I had ever had. Within months we were able to get an 80% improvement level. My headaches are now almost 100% better. Sometimes when I am under a lot of stress I will still get a headache but they are few and far between.

- S. Bergland, Business Owner

Avoiding Unnecessary Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Testimonial/Interview:

My carpal tunnel was troublesome at night primarily when I sleeping, but it was constant. it was not 24 hour pain but there was never any day when i did not have it. At night it got worse. Then pain went up into the forearm. It's been about 18 visits now. All of the pain is gone. If I knew somebody that had carpal tunnel syndrome and they were thinking about having surgery, I would encourage them to try this kind of care. I am 100% satisfied.

-P. Merrow, Retired Attorney

Carpal Tunnel Testimonial/Interview:

I was in a lot of pain. It went into the fingers and I had numbness, and at night I was awakened by this, up several times each night. I started care here around the end of November and it is March. I am 95% better, with no pain or discomfort during the day ordinarily, just a little at night. I have an occupational aggravation doing strenuous work that is very rough on my hands, which is an extra factor. But I am not going to have to have surgery!

- S. Cooper, Business Owner

I came to Dr. Hillis with intense pain in my leg and knee. I had been told I probably was facing a total knee replacement. After a short time I was able to walk again without pain. He was knowledgeable, empathetic, and competent. I also feel more energy and less pain in my total body. Thank you Dr. Hillis!

- G. Russell, Psychologist

Thank you for the exceptional care you have given me. I have been in excruciating pain for the past two years and have seen many doctors. All they could offer was medication and steroid injection blocks. My next step would have been surgery. You not only corrected my back problem (NO NEED FOR SURGERY NOW!) but I feel you went above and beyond. I was depressed about turning 50 last month but now I think 50 will be fabulous!

- B. D'Amico

I am a 67 year old woman, and if I hadn't met Dr. Hillis, I would be a cripple today. It was because of his excellent care that I am able to function today. I have more faith in him than in my medical doctors.

- M. Williams, Retired Office Manager