Services Provided

We are Proud to Offer Neurologic & Metabolic Treatment

Dr. Hillis treats each patient with great consideration of their individual needs and personal preferences.
We believe in treating each patient with a comprehensive strategy that often involves a program of natural health care methods after a careful evaluation of your individual story.

Many of our patients enjoy the benefits of nutritional biochemical-oriented blood laboratory testing, neurotransmitter evaluations, food allergy testing, natural hormone balancing, and kinesiological evaluations and treatments.

Manual therapies include visceral adjustments, complete craniofacial/TMJ support care, corrections of all major joints, organ-to-nerve reflex analysis and indepth evaluation of difficult and chronic cases.

Dr. Hillis sometimes coordinates and co-manages care with physicians and dental specialists, as needed, for the best interest and protection of all his patients.

He treats patients Wholistically, Neurologically and Metabolically. Individualized patient care with emphasis on quality doctor-patient time for difficult, chronic and complex or unique cases, and treatment of: