Headaches & Migraines

Serious, Chronic & Persistent HEADACHES?

Dr. Hillis' checklist for the most difficult cases! (Have you had all of these evaluated?)

1) VSA (Viscero-Somatic Reflex Nerve Analysis) - What's that? A functional nerve exam to determine which nerves from which organs are sending overwhelming distress signals causing headache pain. (Neurologists are typically not trained to do this, only functional health care doctors do this, i.e., SOT or Applied Kinesiology trained doctors.)

2) 4-Point Cortisol Exam with AM & PM DHEA evaluation (a hormonal stress test)

3) Inflammation Indices - How much hidden inflammation are you carrying - blood test exams

4) Neurotransmitter Testing - actual measurement of your serotonin, adrenalin, norepinephrine, dopamine, GABA and others. Improving neurotransmitter balance with proper amino acid therapy can be an important part of headache therapy - a must in migraines and chronic pain syndromes.

5) Blood Sugar Handling Stress Evaluation - with blood tests including fasting insulin and triglyceride interpretation.

6) Craniofacial and TMJ Balance - Dr. Hillis has extensive post-doctoral training in craniofacial and TMJ manipulation and often co-manages these cases with a neuromuscular dentist.

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